Bully: Scholarship Edition hands-on from IGN

School is a true test of an individual. If you don't assimilate with one of the cliques -- nerds, jocks, soc's -- you will be relegated to standing alone in a dark corner of the cafeteria. Every teacher seems out to get you; every girl is busying eyeing someone else; every day at school brings the potential for humiliation and ruin. It's amazing any of us survive. In Rockstar's Bully: Scholarship Edition, you get to experience the wonders and horrors of high school all over again -- this time as smart-mouthed Jimmy Hopkins.

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avacadosnorkel3538d ago

This is another PS2 game. 360 doesn't have all the games, they are just shiny re-releases of old games from other consoles.

Shadow Man3538d ago

Not everybody got to play the ps2 version so now they can on the 360 and Wii with extra content.