Assassin's Creed 3 - Xbox 360 Or PS3? HD Screenshot Comparison

NowGamer compares the two versions, but which is best?

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skyward1970d ago

Look pretty much identical for once. I'll be playing on PS3 though, as I'd rather have it on one disc.

Dailynch1970d ago

I don't know. Shadows on the 360 version seem a bit nicer. Looks a little washed out on the PS3.

cpayne931970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Ps3 has exclusive free dlc right? Sounds like the best version content wise.

Edit: I can't tell any difference at all.

Cupid_Viper_31970d ago

Mother of GOD, this silly thing is coming back!?

guitarded771970d ago

So they're pretty much identical. I can't wait to see how the Wii U compares to the PS3/XBOX versions. It will be one of the first interesting comparisons in awhile.

Qrphe1970d ago

The washed-out effect has to do with the default display settings on the PS3 more than graphical limitations. If you turn off the color reduction filter, enable full RGB range and change deep color to automatic you'll get a much improved effect.

Steadyhndz1970d ago

I know you're not comparing the 2 entirely on shadows...but shadow quality is probably the least of any persons concern when it comes to graphics if it's the only plus side on that side of the competition.

pixelsword1970d ago

@ Qrphe

That's pretty much it; for those who complain about the color this long and doesn't know this by now will never get it on the PS3 because they don't own it or got a PS3 within the last few days, it seems.

Other than that, it's people who don't care because they don't go on sites like these.

I pretty much am through explaining comparisons like this because of game sites that lack the ability to change the settings.

Eazy-Eman1970d ago

Some people actually use these comparisons to base their purchase on which version of the game they should buy. I find it a little silly to be honest. "OMG the shadows on the Xbox look nicer...I MUST OWN IT OVER THE PS3 VERSION!!!"

mewhy321970d ago

These screens are almost identical. I think that the purchase for me will come down to performance. The one with the least amount of screen tear will be the one I purchase.

insomnium21969d ago

People who care about minor differences in graphics should also be interested in trophies and achievements right? That should make all this comparing irrelevant since people will buy it for trophies or achievements regardless of the minor differences in performance.

irepbtown1969d ago

Looks 100% identical to me.

If you have both PS3 & 360 I'm guessing you'd go for the PS3 version simply because of free extra content and one disc.

Apart from that, they are identical.

darthv721969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

the gamer who buys a copy to play on their platform of choice.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Also, it should be no surprise they look the same. I believe the PS3 was lead platform. When PS3 is the lead, the 360 version does a better job of mimicking the PS3 that the other way around.

When 360 is lead, the PS3 version suffers.

dale_denton1969d ago

says the guy with the halo avi....

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Irishguy951970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's not 'for once' as often enough they are the same. But in this one the 360 is the clear victor, in one of the pics the Ps3 is even missing a reflection the 360 has.

Also, the Ps3's lighting is odd. Shadows are not where they should be. This is laziness on Ubi's part.

In short terms, there is nothing different about the technical quality here. It seems Ubisoft where lazy with the Ps3 version

Also, any one that can't tell the difference is either lying or blinded by some unknown force/ There is an obvious difference in almost all of the pics. Whether or not you think it's a significant difference is up to you(it's insignificant to me), but it's definitely there

GribbleGrunger1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

'Shadows not where they should be'?

So because the 360 shadows are different you automatically assume it's the PS3 version that has the shadows in the WRONG place?! LOL, that takes subjectivity to a whole new level. I could just as easily and rightly suggest that the 360 doesn't have the shadows in the right place, but I won't because that would be silly.

When did contrast become a significant factor in graphics? That is the ONLY difference. If you want to talk about shadow:

What happened to them on the 360 here. The light source is behind the ship and yet it doesn't reflect that in the 360 picture.

greenpowerz1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Missing textures on PS3 version

Missing character shadows & detail on 360 version but ps3 version washed out with less environmental detail and worse contrast(people in background in different places on each version)

See how this series of pics show the PS3 version washed out with button proof below.

Now look at this series of pics below.

Does anybody actually believe the pics of the ship on top is really the 360 version and the one on the bottom is the PS3 version?

Not sure these pics are all completely legit.

GribbleGrunger1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I used to have full RBG on for my PS3 games until I realized that LBP2 and Skyrim had more detail with it turned off. I then adjusted the colour and contrast on my custom channel and I was good to go. The only reason people think that the PS3 version is 'washed out' is because they are fooled by light and dark.

It's funny how you question the ship pictures, which clearly show that the PS3 version has better light sourcing. I think you'll find that the shadow differences are as a result of the fact that the clouds and lighting change dynamically in this game, so it would be impossible to take EXACTLY the same picture. But there is no excuse for the ship pictures which look like they have NO light source whatsoever in the 360 version. The reflection in the water shows clearly that the light source is behind the ship.

Anyway, enough of this, just buy it for your respective consoles and enjoy the damned thing.

neoMAXMLC1970d ago

You are trying way too hard, greenpowerz.

PATRIOT7ME1970d ago

"So because the 360 shadows are different you automatically assume it's the PS3 version that has the shadows in the WRONG place?!"

No, but you can assume that because in the photo with the closeup of the man's face, in the PS3 version there is clearly light bleeding onto his head from under his hat - something that the Xbox version renders correctly.

Tito081970d ago

For Xbox fanboys, everything on Xbox is realistic & fine, not a single error, for every PS3 advantage, they wanna make it into a 360 advantage!

Tito081970d ago

@ Patriot, dude, you can't pretend everything on Xbox is good, stop being a fanboy, there are things that clearly shows a PS3 advantage, if there's 360 advantage, I would say it as well. Both versions are good, so stop making false claims to defend your console of choice. If you have common sense, then you know what's the version that looks the best, so stop being an ignorant!

andibandit1970d ago


The ship pictures of the PS3 look completely wrong....the only way the ship would appear as a silhouette, is if the lighting source was directly behind the ship OR the lighting was very low(which is isnt).

waltercross1969d ago

@ andibandit

It comes down to opinions. To me the PS3 Version shows more light sources and the 360 version seems darker but over all both are good. Also to me the ship does not look like a silhouette.

humbleopinion1969d ago

The ship image on the PS3 with burnt light is probably just a rendering bug, not something that is actually consistent in the engine or otherwise we would have seen it in other pictures as well.

GribbleGrunger1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

The PS3 picture is correct. If you look at the sales you can clearly see that the shadows are underneath the sales, while the light illuminates the front of the sales as it should do. This is NO glitch; this is how it WOULD look given such a bright light source behind it. The 360 version does not reflect this light sourcing at all, leading to a pallid, flat effect that looks a lot less real than the PS3 version.

If you think this:

is more realistic than this:

Then it's clear that any other comments on shadows by 360 owners is null and void because the other shadows are just down to which angle the light source is coming from, while these shots are showing NO light source at ALL for the 360 version. Why is there no difference in shading between the front and back of the sails? Why does the ship show exactly the same shade as the rest of the ship? Is there something in the foreground that is reflecting the light back onto the front of the ship? Does light bend?!

Anyone with an eye for photography would immediately point to the PS3 version as the right effect, making it more photo-realistic.

humbleopinion1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

The only kind of person dealing with photography thinking that this picture is any good, is the kind of person who's taking photos with an old 3MP phone camera and doesn't even know how to use the simple auto focus. That picture has burned whites, crushed blacks, hugh loss of detail and a very low definition range.

Do you even know what a photo histogram is? Try loading the pictures in any simple photo editor and you will see how the PS3 one is completely off the charts of what is considered a good photo. It's so badly clipped on the highlights side that even with photo correction attempts it's practically a ruined photo.

Also, the light source in the PS3 image is not behind the ship, it's to the left of it. Otherwise we would have seen the left side of the sails just as dark as the right side. This is clearly a bug and nothing more.

PATRIOT7ME1968d ago


You're obviously blind, retarded or both. If the guy is wearing a hat, light from above shouldn't be leaking out onto his hair below the brim or his ear. I don't care which system it's on, it looks WRONG.


You must be blind as well if you think that ship picture from the PS3 looks better. The dynamic range is clipped and blown out, along with all of the detail. The Xbox version does have shadows, it's just rendering the translucency of the sails properly, along with the proper atmospheric detail.

Get glasses, seriously.

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wastedcells1970d ago

Where is the 3D comparison. Sure that will be next lol.

Jamzluminati1970d ago

Yeah that's the real thing there and with these I see no difference at all. Try again fan girls. Good find Joe.


ziggurcat1969d ago

looks like this is another one that comes down to performance... which, by in large, has gone to the X360.

already got it for X360 because a lot of my buddies will be getting it for that system. otherwise i would have gotten it for PS3 because of the exclusive content, and i almost always get the version that comes on less discs.

DarkHeroZX1970d ago

looks exactly the same! Will be getting this for ps3 though. Want that extra DLC

dantesparda1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

They look the same, except it looks like the PS3 ver. has a tiny little bit better contrast and is a little bit sharper, according to these pics

Same thing with the LOF pics, excet there i think the PS3's shadows look better. They look more dithered on the 360.

MariaHelFutura1969d ago

There is never any difference w/ multiplatform games this late in this generation.

avengers19781969d ago

since it looks identical, best version is ps3, since it has exclusive content.

hennessey861969d ago

But I also think the ps3 version is better all round due to free DLC as well

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LX-General-Kaos1970d ago

The 360 version seems to be the clear winner in this situation.

hkgamer1970d ago

not sure if you are joking or anything but i cant really tell the difference.

well i wasnt really good at telling the difference anyway.

Britainz-Fin3st1970d ago

the 360 version has better colour. apart from that i cannot see a difference

hkgamer1970d ago


No wonder I can't see the difference, I'm a little colour blind.

newn4gguy1970d ago

Need I remind you guys that LX-General-Kaos has seven bubbles...?

Picture_Dancer1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yeah, nice try X-fans. Xbox version have much worse self shadowing:
X360 (no shadows on the character and less shadows on the background):

Qrphe1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

X-fan is a term now? What happened to good old xbot term???

GribbleGrunger1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Yes, just as in the ship picture, the Ps3 version clearly has more realistic shadowing. If you look at his sword, the shadow is completely missing from the 360 version and other subtle shadows are also missing. And as you pointed out, there are less characters in the background. I'd say that the developers have done this on the 360 to try and guarantee a smoother framerate.

Better shadows, 60 minutes of extra content, 3D, Vita Liberation connection and all on one disc. If you have both consoles, there's clearly only one choice.

ItsTrue1969d ago

How's 360 the clear winner? I don't see much of a difference except for the brightness...

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chukamachine1970d ago

Exactly the same.

General stop the bull. I'm actually wondering how many accounts you used to get those bubbles.

Jinkies1970d ago

Look pretty much the same, getting this on PS3 though anyway.

60+ mins of content and plays on one disc...its an added bonus in my opinion, content comes first for me, graphics come second

GribbleGrunger1970d ago

Same here. If I want more contrast I'll just put full RBG on, but I don't. As you say, an hour of extra content and having it all on one disc is a bonus IMO.

seanpitt231970d ago

Ps3 because I have never had an Xbox and never will.