Betting big on Wii U, Ubisoft hopes people understand the console

"With the exception of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, no one bets more heavily on new console launches than Ubisoft.

It's something of a video game industry tradition that the publisher rushes headlong into new system launches -- and with the Wii U on the way, it plans to have six titles available on day one (with three more coming by the end of Nintendo's extended "launch window").

But while the company has an obvious interest in talking up those consoles, Tony Key, Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing, is both upbeat and cautious. While he notes Ubisoft sees the potential in what Nintendo is trying to do with its next generation system, it's not yet certain that the rest of the world is.", writes Gamasutra.

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LX-General-Kaos2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Sometimes when you have an innovative game changing product, it takes a bit of time for people to warm up to it. Alot of the time, people resist change when it comes to the gaming industry. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is stepping up to the plate offering something fresh, and new to the consumer. Some will understand its potential right away, some will lean on the tired but traditional way to experience their games. Which is ok be all means.

Ubisoft has my respect for betting on innovation. A forward thinking studio with the same mindset as the Nintendo brand. Doing their part in pushing for new ideas, and the forward development of our forever evolving hobby. Developing their titles under the Nintendo umbrella with features that can only be found within the architecture of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system and its unique tablet control functions.

The gaming industry as a whole should be grateful. Grateful for corporations like Ubisoft and Nintendo that are not afraid to offer new unique experiences to the consumer. Game changing experiences that we always needed but failed to realize it in such a stagnant time in the industry. Cheers to both of them, along with future forward thinkers and innovators that rise to the occasion as time goes on.

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Neonridr2149d ago

Cheers Kaos, to the Wii U.. ;)

2148d ago
dirthurts2148d ago

You really have to try the Wii U to understand it.
I wasn't excited until I played one at best buy, now I'm pretty well sold.

jjdoyle2148d ago

raymans that good on its?

dirthurts2148d ago

Yeah, Rayman is great. It uses the controller in some unique ways. The controller is more comfortable than it looks too. The graphics are really slick and smooth. It's great.
Yeah, I'm in Tn. I imagine they are on the way everywhere. I hope anyway.

CraigandDayDay2148d ago

Your Best Buy already has a Wii U demo sation set up?

I live in Paducah, Ky and our Best Buy doesn't have one yet. You're lucky, bro. I'm interested to try it out.

neogeo2148d ago

It's not a bet but an investment. If all 3rd parties put in 100% support then it's no longer a bet but a guarantee of success. If companies hold out then they are part of the problem not solution and may get left in the dust either way due to NIN's huge first party support.

DA_SHREDDER2148d ago

who gives a crap what anyone thinks? Ill be getting a next gen mario, zelda, metroid, and mario kart regardless of what any shareholder thinks or says. Played Rayman Legends at the local gamestop kiosk, it was cool, the games are gorgeous, but I really wasn't feeling the 2 screen gameplay. Granted, I think the touch screen makes for a good inventory screen and other gameplay mechanics, but having the game play for me like it did Rayman was crimping my style.

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The story is too old to be commented.