GamesBeat: Assassin's Creed III: The revolution will be deep but glitchy (review)

A Revolutionary War backdrop and all-new game modes give Assassin's Creed 3 serious lift, but too many technical and design flaws keep it chained firmly to the ground.

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JeffGrubb2151d ago

I heard there is a day-one patch. Hope it fixes a lot of this.

neoMAXMLC2151d ago

There was a day -4 patch at least when I got it last Friday. lol

SybaRat2151d ago

Huh. Well, I knew something woudl be off when they said we couldn't assassinate the founding fathers.

THR1LLHOUSE2151d ago

That's all I wanted to do. I was so pumped to kill some noteworthy Americans...that would've taken some balls on the part of the devs.

NagaSotuva2151d ago

I haven't touched this series since AC2. I really need to catch up.