Gametrailers: Need For Speed Most Wanted Review

While some of the interface experiments are hit or miss, the gameplay in Need for Speed: Most Wanted provides a solid mix of heart-in-your throat speed and playful discovery. Whether you're weaving through traffic or lining up for big air, Most Wanted's densely-packed automotive playground is fun to explore on your own, and really comes alive with friends.

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MattyG2153d ago

I can't decide between the PS3 and PSVita version! Decision decisions...

Cirran2153d ago

I'm getting both as I also couldn't decide. <_<

MattyG2153d ago

I wish they'd released some videos of the Vita version beforehand. I'd like to know exactly how it compares to the PS3 version.

Perjoss2153d ago

I really wish that companies would start doing a pass system that goes like this: I buy a game license and that license allows me to play the game on any system I want to. Why should I pay more than once just because 1 day I might feel like playing the game on a console and another day I might feel like playing it on a handheld or on my PC.

Cirran2153d ago

Sony do Cross Buy. Unfortunately EA decided to not include NFS: most wanted in this.