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TG writes: The first brain game for the PS Vita is ready for its world debut. Should you pick it up or is it just a waste of brain power?

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SandWitch2151d ago

I really want this game. I just wish it wasn't retail title so it would be something like twice cheaper on PSN. Oh well :|

ftwrthtx2151d ago

It should be available as a download on the PSN later today. Probably the same price point though.

SandWitch2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Yeah it's 20 GPB (or 30 USD) both retail and digital, what is quite a lot for this type of game. Devs should have made it digital-only for 15 USD or so.

TerminalGamer2151d ago

Fun title and worth the price tag.

ftwrthtx2151d ago

Downloads should be a little cheaper than the disc version though.