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"Since the Playstation Vita was released in February, many gamers have commented on a lack of their favorite genre. This problem intensified when the long-standing Playstation series Monster Hunter, found it’s way on Nintendo consoles. With no plans for a Vita version, many are looking for something to fill the void. That’s where Ragnarok Odyssey comes into play. With large powerful monsters, strong alchemy system, online / ad hoc multiplayer and over 100 missions to complete, is Ragnarok Odyssey what fans are waiting for or is it just a cheap knock off?" - JPS

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admiralvic2088d ago

Sounds fun, can't wait to play with my friends!

CommonSenseGamer2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Ok, if this results in the Vita selling in big numbers like has been predicted on this site then it could at last mean the tide is turning for the Vita. If it does not translate into big sales, especially in Japan, then what can we read from it?

My son wants a Vita for Xmas or a Galaxy Nexus 7. I want to get him the safest option and at this stage is the tablet.

admiralvic2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

The tablet is always going to be worse choice, since they constantly upgrade the hardware for better software. It's gotten better over time, but the Nexus will most likely drop before the Vita drops, will be out of date before the Vita is and isn't a gaming device (if thats what your son is looking for).

With this being said, Ragnarok was a LAUNCH title in Japan, so we already know it didn't make a difference. Considering it's an XSeed title in the US, it most likely won't result in high sales over a lack of marketing / distribution. (For instance XSeed lists Amazon / Gamestop as the only sellers, though we know the PSN / Newegg also have it, but Bestbuy + others won't be selling it).

Realistically I would say to go with the Vita, simply because tablets quickly become obsolete and you can't predict the future at all. Sony is trying to bring the console back with many interesting ideas, like Plus, Cross Buy and more, so I suspect we will see more sales down the road.

vikingland12088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I can't tell you which to buy, but, I can tell you the Vita is an amazing Handheld console. I have never been a fan of handheld gaming but the Vita has changed that for me. I understand your concern that the Vita may fail but I have bought failed systems in the past i.e. Virtual Boy & Dreamcast and I'm still here. My preferance would be the Vita it is amazing.

freakinsweet772086d ago

The Vita is excellent, and the tablet is simply the wrong choice in my opinion.