Apple's Gaming Console

There a lot of people who either hate or love Apple for their products. Some people hate them because of their high-priced products , some hate them because of their ways of ”Robbing their customers” . Some people love them because of their ahead-of-others thinking and products that are far better than any of the products present made by other companies. There was a time when Apple was almost bankrupt and was going to close in a matter of months, that’s when Steve Jobs had rejoined Apple. He introduced the iPod back then. Ever since then, there’s been no looking back for this company.

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ahamling272120d ago

I could see this happening but the console images in that article are so NOT what an apple console would look like. It would look like a Mac mini or possibly even small like an Apple TV.

The Apple TV basically has an iPhone 4 inside it, minus the screen and phone parts. So it is capable of playing games because it retains the GPU from the iPhone 4, they just don't have a control scheme for gaming on TV's.

Zuperman2119d ago

If Apple ever considers entering the console war, it's easily going to be hacked before it even gets released.

CalvinKlein2119d ago

haha the thing in the picture looks like some sort of raccoon trap or something.

andibandit2119d ago

I dont see them releasing a game console, however i could see them releasing a new apple TV with gaming capabillities.

mcstorm2119d ago

I agree with you here. I think Apple trying to get into the console market now would not work because Sony Microsoft and Nintendo are far to strong at the moment and 4 consoles in the market will be to much.

I see them adding a game service to Apple TV at some point but I don't think it will be linked to Apple I think they will team up with a cloud based company.

da_2pacalypse2119d ago

LOL they would release a new console iteration each year. This would never work haha

Burning_Finger2119d ago

Looks like a portable heater. XD

16GB is $1000
32GB is $2000


Moncole2119d ago

And there will be a new model every year.

BitbyDeath2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Apple couldn't break the market without getting some devs behind them, they'd need to look at buying up a few well known 3rd parties like EA to get a decent foot in.

Wouldn't mind seeing that actually, EA couldn't get much worse than it already is.

I'd rather see a Google console over Apple though.

gtr_loh2118d ago

Apple has GameLoft (ea owned mobile gaming company) for a majority of it's crappy gaming needs. If apple creates a console, I would expect it to sell well regardless of what it has. I'd imagine something like "3D gaming with 7.1 Surround sound" and the general public (oblivious to current technology) will be astounded. "3D gaming - a brand new concept by the makers of the revolutionary iPhone." "support for 11.1 Surround sound, another brand new experience changing the atmosphere of gaming" Apple can make any product successful due to their extremely effective marketing. Which is why they prey on those that don't understand current technology as they only want what's popular and what looks sexy.

TL;DR Apple makes everything sound new and can make a huge profit due to effective marketing campaigns.

3-4-52119d ago

An Apple Game Console the iGame would look more like the Wii U than anything.

It would be smart on their part though as long as they stick to low budget IOS games or step it up to hand held quality games.

They can't/won't compete with the Big 3 but there is an area in the market that isn't currently being filled by indie consoles like it used to in the early 90's.

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The story is too old to be commented.