Why Games Matter - Dishonored is Pointless

I got to play a game how I wanted to play it, instead of how I thought I should be. If someone struck me as evil, I killed them and didn't worry about the extra quest they might have offered later. If the guards caught me, I killed them too. Sod the points - the end of mission stat round up just gave me something to gleefully ignore.

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BitByter2086d ago

Well with the logic shown in that small description, all games should be pointless to you.

DarkFireHawk2081d ago

Totally agree with you, I suggest rating the site "Negative". Just press the + button in front of the site name below the Read Full Story.

prototypeknuckles2086d ago

The title is very contradicting of its self

ceballos77mx2086d ago

Good read its actually praising the game for allowing you to complete it howeverwyou want to do it.

edsmith19902086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

By pointless I mean, it doesn't keep nagging you about how many points you get and that's liberating. The title is a pun, intentionally inflammatory so as to ensnare fan boys. I loved Dishonored.

Heisenburger2085d ago

".... intentionally inflammatory so as to ensnare fan boys.."

Well done. It appears you have already accomplished your mission. Lol

Hook. Line. Sinker.