Dead Island: Riptide - Release date confirmed by Deep Silver, Packshot revealed

Deep Silver today confirmed the final release date of Dead Island: Riptide for Europe and the US. They also revealed the final Packshot and pre-order details.

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MrGunny942156d ago

Well i picked up Dead Island around 10$ last year on X-mas sale... Was fun to play with friends over Co Op but it had many flaws

Let's hope they fixed those flaws with Riptide... But i'm waiting for a sale around 20$ to pick it up

Sp1d3ynut2156d ago

I can't wait to play me some Dead "Iceland"...

arkard2156d ago

4/23/13 for those that don't want to give the site hits.

barb_wire2156d ago

I'll be honest I got bored quick with this one.. the premise is there but the execution of that premise is lacking.

I also got sick of all the 'fetch' missions - far too many of them. Co-op helped but wasn't enough.