Game Informer - Experience Ni No Kuni's Gameplay In Our Video Preview

Game Informer - In Ni No Kuni, battles are fast and frantic. Ordering around your familiars, canceling attacks, and running around to collect special glims to restore HP and MP easily keeps you on your toes. But just describing this isn't enough - we wanted you to see it in action. So as part of our celebration of our five under the radar games, video producer Ben Hanson and I sat down to discuss and showcase some of Ni No Kuni's gameplay. Get a look at what it's like to explore the world map and see how vital it is that you pay attention to the battle at hand. Also, find out just how adorable those little familiars are - Pokémon might just have some competition yet.

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capjacksparrow2151d ago

This game is a must buy for me. Day 1 .

colonel1792151d ago

I want this game! It looks amazing and most importantly, fun!

YoungKingDoran2151d ago

pre-ordered this one for a tonne of awesome extra goodies.
aww yea

DivineAssault 2151d ago

These kind of JRPGs are what ive been waiting 6 yrs of this gen to get.. Flooded w so many shooters, i dont think they see a market for this anymore.. This is definitely a day 1 purchase for me..

3-4-52151d ago

I think because of that, a portion of the gaming market has opened up and is ready again for Really good JRPG's to makes their way back in to the US.

I'm expecting some of the best ever for this next gen.

Tokyo_reject2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Im not a big fan of RPG's....but if anyone is a fan of studio ghibli....they have been waiting to play this since its release a year ago!!!! ....i cant wait!!!

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