SmartGlass Impressions

Gareth from puts the newly released smartglass app through its paces

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TheBrit2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

That app is pretty cool, not only can you do what you described but you can also use it to access your friends list, see achievements, change your avatar etc WHILE someone else is on the xbox playing a game - it works in the forefront and in the background without interrupting what's happening on the xbox at the time.

wheresmymonkey2031d ago

The windows phone version of the app i tested doesn't include that stuff because it's already included in the wp7.5 OS.

They are some of the WPs funkier features though.

Thanks for reading.

darthv722031d ago

i will have to wait my turn. I got a GS2 instead of the Focus Flash otherwise I would be able to try out smartglass now instead of 6 mos from now.

MS could turn things around though. No disruptions in getting things to work with W8 could lead to a sooner release of SG for IOS and droid.

I dont let the lack of SG stop me from enjoying the 360 and its new dash. I like it.