Debunking A Rumor: Tekken x Street Fighter Canned?

Tekken x Street Fighter has been canned, according to a rumor published in the December issue of OPM UK. But has it?

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BlaqMagiq242119d ago

I hope not. I would love to see SF characters in the Tekken universe.

golsilva2119d ago

it would be really odd why it would be canceled. namco and capcom already agreed to create cross games so theres no additional fees or licenses to be paid. Tekken is one of namco most important and best selling ips so its not that the game wouldnt sell. Maybe its do timing. Current gen will only last a year or two. Possibly namco knows that the game is taking much longer than expected and they cant push it until after 720/ps4 release, which means that they would have to move the game to next gen systems, which may not be part of the agreement with namco to only develop the game on 360/ps3.

MWH2119d ago

makes complete sense. i think this generation have had enough fighting games thus it would be a good early or launch title.

Chrono2119d ago

Last week I saw an interview with Harada during his visit to Dubai and he said it's under development but in very early stages. He joked that he first wanted to be sure that the world won't end by the end of 2012.