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"If you look at my Gamerscore on Xbox 360 you’ll see something interesting – several years of games, but only one with a full 1000/1000 points earned. That title standing singular above the others is the original Need for Speed Most Wanted. Nitrous-fueled break-neck racing was delivered courtesy of EA Black Box, wrapped neatly around a storyline casting you as undercover cop sent to bust 16 street racers. The game released in 2005 and was universally well received. Since that time, Criterion Games has since taken up the mantle of building the series, and they’ve seen fit to head back to where it began for players of this console generation – they are rebuilding Need for Speed Most Wanted. Taking advantage of 7 years worth of technology and knowledge in between releases, Criteron has done the impossible – they’ve made one of my favorite games better. Let’s see what’s under the hood."

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