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Criterion returns to open-world racing for the first time since Burnout Paradise, and Need for Speed Most Wanted does a fine job maintaining that legacy ... even if it doesn't do very much that's new along the way.

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JeffGrubb2116d ago

I have a need for speed. That's why I'm in rehab.

himdeel2116d ago

I tried to find it on the store and its not up yet. I got AC Liberations early this morning around 6 on the PSN. Also didn't see Ragnarok. 3 Vita games in one day...insanity LOL but so very happy!

Aceman182116d ago

i would be able to get this, AC3, AC Liberation, and RO for vita but Miss Sandy seems to have put my city of New York on the back foot with no transit service lol.

thank you mother nature lol

really looking forward to Most Wanted on PS3, and Vita

SybaRat2116d ago

Wow, it seems like I just played three other Need for Speed games.

JoGam2116d ago

But you didnt play it on the Vita yet. I can't wait to get mine today.

morkendo232115d ago

why cant you people realize this game is BURNOUT with a slap on title of need for speed. are u people blind!!!!
why wait til u buy it and then say: shee-it i want a REAL burnout not this clone.