Ragnarok Odyssey: Giant-Sized RPG Assaults PS Vita Today

Posted by Brittany Avery // Production Assistant, XSEED Games -

Are you ready, guys? Because right now it’s Ragnarok Odyssey happy hour! Or more like Happy Day, since today we celebrate the release of our precious PS Vita title. It’s been a lengthy localization journey, but we’re proud to bring out the Ragnarok Odyssey Standard Edition for $39.99, as well as the Mercenary Edition, which includes a meaty monster guide with artwork, a full soundtrack, and 10 randomized collectable monster cards out of over 50 for $49.99.

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akaFullMetal2151d ago

Looks really fun, ill have to pick this up.

sdozzo2151d ago

Hope this sells well. Vita needs games like this.

SolidDuck2151d ago

Might sound dumb to some, but I'm buying a vita just for this, we'll and soul sacrifice, but that's not till next year. I'm sure ill play more games on it, but co op action RPGs are my favorite.

profgerbik2151d ago

About to run out and buy this. I want AC3: Liberations also but I am picking this up first for sure.

Happy Hunting!

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