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Submitted by shaneryanTB 1123d ago | article

Remembering… Condemned: Criminal Origins

As we bellow full steam ahead towards the impending arrival of the next-generation, it’s worth looking back at how this one started. The Xbox 360 signified the starting point of our venture into HD, downloadable horse armour and the pre-order incentive; its launch line-up memorable for the successes of Call of Duty 2, the abject disappointment of Perfect Dark Zero and everything else in between. Visualising beads of sweat was the ‘in’ thing for sports games, there were sequels aplenty and Monolith showed us just how grimy a dilapidated school could look.

[Richard Wakeling, Thunderbolt] (Condemned: Criminal Origins, Xbox 360)

shodan74  +   1124d ago
Fantastic game. I love its grimy, sordid plausibility, and all those run-down environments that really do feel like real, familiar places.

Possibly my favourite horror title of all time - and that's saying something.
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showtimefolks  +   1123d ago
yeah hopefully this isn't the end of this series and we will see some future titles. Very under rated series
Cajun Chicken  +   1124d ago
Excellent game. Loved ripping pipes off walls, the limited ammo. Raw brutality without making that it's focus, unlike Manhunt.
hennessey86  +   1124d ago
I remember playing
This game at night with no lights on and there was a bit where a manequin came to life and I shit myself ha, this game had a lot of atmosphere a lot of games can't get close
shodan74  +   1124d ago
I swear to God - I got about two minutes into the Department Store level, and the mannequins freaked me out so much I didn't pluck up the courage to return to the game for about two weeks afterwards.
GillHarrison  +   1123d ago
The first was a classic and an amazing launch game. Wish we could get a reboot or better sequel. Bloodshot was quite a letdown for me, it didn't even feel like Condemned.
-MD-  +   1123d ago
"disappointment of Perfect Dark Zero"

Come again? I played PDZ everyday for like 6 months. Also Condemned just went up on the Steam store, $7.50
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Plagasx  +   1123d ago
Was bloodshot better?
floetry101  +   1123d ago
To be fair, Bloodshot wasn't a bad game by any means and definitely had some memorable moments (grizzly bear in the cabin anyone?), but suffered from a bizarre plot twist that really took away from its most interesting assets. Worth playing I think, but doesn't reach the same heights that Criminal Origins does.
aawells07  +   1123d ago
I pray that another one gets made. Is there a way/place that we gamers can go to bug the devs and get them to at least tell us if there will ever be a chance.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1123d ago
Such a great game! Everything from the atmosphere, to combat and story telling are blended so well together. My friends and I dubbed all the enemies "crack-heads", and gave them the sound effect ssk-ssk-ssk.

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