Diehard GameFAN: WWE '13 Review

DHGF: While WWE ’13 is neither the greatest wrestling game ever produced or even the best game Yukes has ever made, it is much better than last year’s offering. Exhibition and Universe have far less bugs and detection issues, but expect to have your Create-a-Wrestler’s moveset and entrance magically reset to default settings more than once until a patch is released. The game looks and sounds great save for some reused audio that goes back almost a decade and some new character models (like poor 90′s Vinnie Mac) that look downright laughable. Attitude Era Mode is a lot of fun, but it is where the vast majority of the bugs in the game lie and unfortunately it lacks any real replay value along with being a watered down version of the real events due to the current PG era that the WWE is in. All in all though, this is the best a WWE game has been in almost a decade and that’s what matters most.

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