Are In-app purchases ruining mobile gaming?

In app purchases for mobile games, A great idea in theory.
You can dish out a game for Free with X amount playability, Just enough to get the user hooked.
If they like the game, they can pay X amount to continue playing the game. i.e. Unlock levels or buy the Map Pack.

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2118d ago
Somebody2118d ago

Yes it does. I have a friend who is so into a ninja game that he spent around $30 (even more on other mobile games the year before)to level up his character. He's a perfectionist and played each level with a perfect score (all objectives met and challenges completed). That is until that fateful day (last Tuesday) when some kids found his android phone and decided that the current level he was playing is too boring so he replayed the previous level - an innocent little move that cost my friend his game's whole progress to perfection. Apparently he needs to play the game from start to finish with a perfect score each level without ever replaying the previous ones and that kind made his achievements null.

It's sad seeing him frustrated over that incident and even more sadder seeing him desperately looking around his room for some wifi hotspot to RELOAD the freaking game. The game can only be save on the game's online server and that's not a good thing to have in an extremely shaky wifi system such as ours. He tried to reload his previous saves, before the kid's meddling only to have the game reset his whole game and he have to start all over again from a Level 1 character from the first level.

There goes $30 and hours of efforts thanks a simple Replay button.

andibandit2118d ago

So what sounds like a bug ruined your friends experience.....the fact he spent 30$ on the game isn't really what ruined it though is it?.

Chrono2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Blame the pirates. The developers couldn't sell the games because everyone pirate them on jailbroken iOS devices, but now they can make some money through in-app purchases.

Somebody2118d ago

It's hard to blame pirates in this situation. Current consoles found a way to circumvent this by making the whole console as a hardware+update-based DRM. They are making millions with their games long before the mobile games make an appearance. Even the in-app purchases concept have long exited existed in Facebook games and in other web games prior. I've heard some kid had spent thousands with his mother's credit card to some in-game items in a Facebook game-this was before the iPhone even came out.

Consoles are making millions by charging $60 pergame with very little chance of a discount for months or years and then shoving tons of DLCS.

Mobile games are making millions by making cheap to make games, cheap-even free-to sell and then they bleed the buyers with contents that logically some should've been in the game in the first place.

Pirates may have cost a lot of developers money but the developers themselves are sucking consumers dry with so much content.

Pirates, vampires and zombies (the consumers who kept fuelling the in-apps purchases). What a nice mix.

Yodagamer2118d ago

Like paid dlc, the minute it became viable it also become a standard, which is unfortunate.

Cam9772118d ago

Not for me because I don't touch the damn things. My IPod touch (I'm writing this on now) is used for music and internet use around the house; never for gaming. I bought GTA3 on IOS and it's abysmal, I'll stick with the Ps2 version.

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