Halo 4 Spartan Ops Trailer

343industries have just released this trailer showing off the first season of Spartan Ops. Check it out!

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omi25p2153d ago

This game looks incredible.

otherZinc2152d ago

This is "Replay Value" at its best!

Daz2153d ago

50 missions included with halo 4 dame that's allot of content. SO no dlc charged awesome.

TotalSynthesisX2152d ago

This game is looking better and better. Can it get any more awesome?!
One week left! :D

Swiggins2152d ago

Did anybody else see the ONI logo pop up for a split second there at the end, nice touch.

Can't wait to play this game, I'm getting so #%@&ing pumped!

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The story is too old to be commented.