Getting the Best Deal: Why You Should Hold Off On Buying Assassin's Creed III

GP writer Jared discusses how gamers can get a better deal on Assassin's Creed 3 than by buying it on day one.

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DarkBlood2150d ago

i know this title will go down to 30 dollars temporary on boxing day or in 6 months time thats what i discovered with the other assassin creed games during my shopping around and im like shit i should of waited

well thats what im going to do for assassin creed 3 this time

Nimblest-Assassin2150d ago

Got the game for free, so Im not complaining

KillerPwned2150d ago

This is a given but I already preordered it on newegg for $48 so I am good with that.

Lubu2150d ago

Just picked it up from Kmart. Base price was $49.99. Plus they gave me a $10 gaming coupon. I also used a coupon that gave me $10 worth of points for the purchase. They are also running a promo where if you spend $50, you get a $5 gift card. So I threw in a 50cent pack of gum to put me over and got that deal also.
I was planning on picking it up on Black Friday for about $35, but with all these promos from Kmart, and the fact that I am really stoked for this game, I went ahead and bought it.

Nevers0ft2150d ago

I've tried to avoid the ported games for this very reason, I expect they'll be on sale within weeks of their release. Exclusives such as ZombieU and Mario will likely hold their value so I'm buying those first (plus, I want those first).

I'll eventually get around to buying ACIII but I just can't justify another full price game on release day, no matter how hard I try and talk myself into it - I've prioritised the stuff I want into two piles: Buy it ASAP and buy it when discounted :D

MasterD9192150d ago

This article would have been much more useful prior to the game releasing and people already pre-ordering it...

That being said, I too ordered it for about 48 bucks and can't complain seeing as how it won't be less than $35 on BF at best.

Playing it now vs. then is nice as well.

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