PROTOTYPE: Exclusive Developer Interview

Chris Ansell from Radical Entertainment gives the 'low down' on their upcoming PROTOTYPE game, being developed for PS3 and other next-gen consoles. This exclusive interview sheds much detail on the game's development thus far.

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Evil Zhuk3572d ago

Another GTA clone is going to be completly destroyed by GTA iv?

Line em up devs line em up.

gamesR4fun3572d ago

if they nail this it could b a lot funner than gta
i mean same ol dude with guns and cars vs supa dude with tons of powers guns and cars + a new fresh story rather than another poorly written gangster yarn.
Ill prob by both depending on what ppl say after it comes out.

ChanDangle3572d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this game partially running off the hulk engine (one of my favs) and the way they're talking possibilities could be endless for how you do things.

games4fun3572d ago

giant monsters and abilities elite death squads military > than thugs&police with guns

power of Green 3572d ago

Kind of childish tone to this. Good to hear that the game is comming along. I'm sure they're down not being able to get the dev to praise the hardware. "And to other consoles" was funny to, the Wii is getting it? J/K.

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