'Cave Story' coming to Vita, 360 and PS3, say ERSB ratings

Cave Story appears to be heading to PS Vita, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to a new ESRB listing.

The game's ESRB ratings page has been updated to include the new platforms, which now appear alongside listings for the existing versions on Wii, 3DS and Nintendo DSi.

Oddly, the listing also mentions ratings for PlayStation 2 and PSP. While a PSP release through PSN minis may actually be possible, the PlayStation 2 listing is more likely due to a broad classification for all Sony platforms.

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Megaton2088d ago

Great game. Highly recommended.

zgoldenlionz2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Totally agree. give it a try.

MGRogue20172088d ago

Will get it on the PS Vita, for sure.

CalvinKlein2088d ago

I played the free version on PC way back and I loved it, I will probably buy this game on VITA to support the devs because I love 2d shooting platformers.

DivineAssault 2088d ago

ill see how this plays out.. If its not a screw up, ill try it if the price is right

RufustheSage2088d ago

Can't wait to play it for the 4th time, seriously.

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