New Halo 4 Waypoint Trailer

A new Halo 4 trailer has been released, this time looking at how the game will interface with the new and improved Waypoint App.

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TrevorPhillips2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

8 days left till Halo 4! Can't wait and I speak on behalf of all the Halo fans out there! :D

X_GAMER_X2117d ago

Am with ya bro. U speak on my behalf 2 :p

TrevorPhillips2117d ago

I see what you did there bro lol :P

marcmjm2117d ago

FUCK... I'm at school right now and the video has been blocked by the network. I really really wanna watch this ;(

GirlsGeneration2117d ago

In one week i will have this awesomeness that is Halo 4! The wait is killing me so much =( lol