Yakuza 1 HD Japanese Trophy List

Complete Japanese Yakuza 1 HD trophy list.

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showtimefolks1944d ago

please release these in the west and please release these in retail versions lol

willing to pay 39.99

Skate-AK1944d ago

I think it will come to the west but only in digital form.

showtimefolks1944d ago

yeah but mostly these games do get a retail version in europe so maybe i will just import a copy

DigitalRaptor1944d ago

Man, having a PS3 is killing my wallet. HD remasters & new games are awesome, but choosing which to play is tough.

timmyp531944d ago

Always wanted to try these games. Hopefully a collection or PSN release is inbound for NA/EU.

akiraburn1944d ago

Ah I seriously really want these. For some reason on my 80GB backward compatible PS3, Yakuza 1 locks up at one point in the main story so I haven't been able to get through the game again. Yakuza 2 isn't working quite right either. And seeing these titles with better textures, anti aliasing, and a higher resolution will be great. I really hope that Sega brings these over to the NA and EU PSN stores. It seems likely that they will, but until official word comes through I'll be eagerly waiting for an announcement.

tiffac0081943d ago

Sega localize this and take my cold hard earned cash!