Should Capcom Hire Cliff Bleszinski to "fix" Resident Evil?

By Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

News broke out late last week that Cliff Bleszinski, former Epic design director offered to “Fix” the Resident Evil franchise. Cliffy B as many call him, is a talented design director that made Gears of War a huge financial and critical success. I’m not even sure Resident Evil needs fixing, I had plenty of fun with it, but that doesn’t mean Cliff couldn’t help make the game better. Whether you like Gears of War or not, you can’t deny the franchise has been marketed, designed, and produced cleanly. Cliffy B was a large reason for Epic and Gears of War’s success. Now the real question is, can Cliffy B get Resident Evil back to its roots? Back to the classic gameplay the fans have been clamoring for? Yes, Cliffy B certainly can and I’ll tell you why.

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andron6662156d ago

Damn, imagine how big Chris biceps will become then!??

Theyellowflash302156d ago

LOL seriously, it would be crazy

GrieverSoul2156d ago

I honestly think that Cliff isnt the guy to make RE a great franchise again.

Lets look at Gears since its the most important title in Bleszinski career, its a good action with great graphics but the story sucks! Its as the worst voice acting and forced bromance I have ever witnessed. Still, its a game where the good overweights the bad. Its a good game.

I think Bleszinski´s comment about Resident Evil comment was more of a jab at capcom for trying to "copy" the Gears formula and failing as a whole.

Ak47Russia2156d ago

This is the only guy who can FIX resident Evil!

MikeMyers2156d ago

I don't think Cliff is the best choice. He helped Gears become a great action series (just remember, Cliff is only one person that's part of a team behind the franchise but gets the most recognition due to his publicity). Gears is a covered system action game that plays in waves. You move a bit and the enemies come, you move down the path a bit and more enemies come. It's not really the atmosphere or story that people buy the games for.

Capcom might be better off doing a partnership with another publisher. What the series really needs is to get back to its roots and not try so hard making it mainstream. There is also a way of making the controls work well and not rely on old clunky mechanics.

fei-hung2156d ago

Yup, well that and since is more of an action game now than a survival horror, why hold back, just go all out and make RE into an all out action game!

Which reminds me, anyone love the Evil Dead homage when playing Shadows of the Damned?! I've never had to clench my cheeks so hard!

Ak47Russia2156d ago

NO! Capcom should hire back Shinji Mikami the creator of the first 2 Resident evil games and the BEST!

This guy "Cliff" doesn't know how to model and texture a ball! and you want him to make a game lol pathetic article.....

Resident evil was ruined because of his company's games like "Gears of war" Capcom wanted resident to be action like gears and they ruined it...

Inception2156d ago

Too bad that right now shinji mikami is busy with his new survival horror game: project zwei. But even if capcom want his talent for the next RE, i think mikami will refuse capcom offer. I read some news that capcom sent a copy of RE 5 for mikami. And mikami confesed he never play or open that copy. Look's like mikami hate capcom because they closed clover studio and he try to go as far as he know from capcom or RE.

ATi_Elite2156d ago

Hire Cliffy B to Fix Resident Evil......NO!

Hire Cliffy B to Fix the Upcoming Doom 4......YES!

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konnerbllb2156d ago

You guys know that his other games did not have such characters right? UT characters aren't nearly that size.

xPhearR3dx2156d ago

Considering the state of RE now, I'm pretty sure Cliffy B couldn't do any harm even if he wanted to.

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