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ftwrthtx1367d ago

I'll probably pass on this one until a mandatory one comes out.

Grimhammer001367d ago

So ummm what is this patch doing?

Cajun Chicken1367d ago

Probably moves the Singstar app everyone's been complaining about. I've got to admit, it is kind of annoying the way when you boot up it's the first icon on the XMB.

tack1291367d ago

System stability. Very minor. Nothing important unless your games started being laggy or slow.

Master of Unlocking1367d ago

So? Anybody who's downloaded it can tell us if it moves that infamous singstar icon away?

Octo11367d ago

Apparently its more for Monster Hunter Portable 3RD HD. Also this Singstar Icon I keep reading about. Did everyone get this or is it a EU thing? I am in Canada and I have FW 4.30 and I don't have it or see it any where in my XBM.

ftwrthtx1367d ago

You have to manually update from the XMB or download the update and use the USB.