Assassin's Creed III Day one title update details [Spoilers]

FredEx919 at the official Ubisoft forum writes:

"Assassin's Creed III releases Oct 30 (North America) and Oct 31st (worldwide). If your Console is connected to the Internet when you launch Assassin's Creed III, you will receive a pop up to inform you that a title update is available for you to download. This day one update is designed to optimize your player experience and is highly recommended?"

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dazzrazz2091d ago

I feel sorry for people who do no have access to xbox live at that particular moment or at all, list is kinda big !

konnerbllb2091d ago

I got the game early through walmart, buggy as h** man. The pace is slow but other than that good game. If it was less buggy I'd have no complaints so far.

Blankman852091d ago

Day 1 patches should ONLY be for multiplayer modes in my opinion. Releasing an untested game is just irresponsible.

Crazay2091d ago

I experienced a few of those glitches last week and was more than a little annoyed. Glad to see it's been fixed.

firefly692091d ago

This just shows how mediocre the gaming industry as become!Releasing unfinishing games to the customers and expecting every one to have acess to the beloved xbox live or psn to apply day one patches.And this is also the reason the reviews journalism is rotten wHen we are already seeing 8 and 9 scores of reviews made with the game broke with all this bugs!

Crazay2091d ago

The game itself is in fact a 9. Easily. The minor glitches, while annoying if you experience them, do NOT break the game to the point that it should be getting 5s. In fact the game has such a good story and great new features, that it's easier to forgive.

At least with XBL or PSN, if a game has glitches, they can fix them and you're not stuck with it like it was back in the day.

deadfrag2091d ago

Yes they do brake the game KID !!

deadfrag2091d ago Show
Crazay2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

@DeadFrag - No they don't TROLL. Oh and I think the word you were looking for is "Break" not "Brake".

If the game is still playable and doesn't consistently lock up tighter than Fort Knox, how is that "breaking" the game? The glitches that I experienced are mostly graphical or collision. The game continued the glitch disappeared. Now they have a patch to make them not happen any more. Big deal.

Your grasp of the English language is astounding. "A stupid Mentality" **facepalm*** go pick up a text book dude.

ghostman1232091d ago

If you don't have internet access (at least on PS3) you're already screwed at some point because a lot of games require a certain firmware other than the default one the system is packaged with. Internet access has become more than a luxury in gaming, it's become a necessity. If you don't have it, you'd probably better get it.

As for the bugs in the game itself? I'd cut them a little slack, as they're using a brand new engine in this game, one that hasn't been tested or utilized prior to AC3. They're not going to catch bugs they're not looking for in the initial testing. Just be glad they didn't stop testing after it was sent out.

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