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FleshEatingZipper says: "While late to the game compared to its platform competitors, Microsoft has been making really good racing games for a long time. Early on, it was Monster Truck Madness for Windows 95, then came the Xbox with Project Gotham Racing and later Forza Motorsport. With the shuttering of Bizarre Creations, it seems that Microsoft wasn’t terribly interested in putting out racing titles that weren’t either high-end simulations like Forza or braindead Kinect stuff, but Microsoft has a powerful hand in Forza Horizon – the accumulation of all of that they have learned – and it is a masterwork."

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Blankman852152d ago

I just realized, Microsoft have some of the highest rated racing games this gen. Forza being the highest rated of course, but PGR isn't too far behind with 3 coming in at 88% and 4 at 85%