Get Up Close and Personal With the Wii U

What we think of ONM's new video detailing the Wii U.

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Snookies122156d ago

Ehh, I checked out the Wii U gamepad earlier today... I really wasn't all that impressed sadly. It just felt kinda cheap, both the controller itself and the buttons. Not sure how to put it, but it almost felt like a kid's toy or something. I really hope Nintendo does well with the Wii U. I'd be more than happy to buy one if it does well, I'm just still not sure about it at the moment.

hellvaguy2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I don't really buy into the argument "it felt cheap". I mean a lot of people say that because it wasn't heavy enough. Well newsflash, the standard of being heavier = better quality hasn't been the case for a couple of decades now. Plastics are made to be pretty high grade and durable enough for what they do.

Reminds me of Apple symphasizers reviewing the Samsung Galaxy 2 and 3, as being cheap because its so light, despite it being a very high quality product.

Qrphe2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I disagree with the whole "it feel cheap" because I actually liked and enjoyed playing that demo with my friend.
On a side note, the only other people who approached the demo station at any point while we were there were all kids.

chasegarcia2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

It also felt like a toy when I used it, but I thought it was fun.

corrus2156d ago

I think i know what you mean

Snookies122155d ago

I don't mind all the disagrees, I understand it's my opinion and all. I was just hoping for a different feel to the controller personally. I'm sure I could get used to it, I just wish it weighed a bit more and that they'd used a different material for the top buttons (R/L)

Benjamminkno2155d ago

You do understand that lifting a controller repeatedly, would require it to be light. You're getting "disagrees" because it seems that you're just looking for a reason not to like it. Your main complaint isn't gameplay, graphics, or the controller is uncomfortable... it's that it's too light. "Felt cheap"? They weren't saying that about the original 360's either, and we all know how that turned out.

I thought it felt cheap too, but I knew it wasn't.
I only played Rayman, which I wasn't terribly impressed with. I was hoping to play ZombiU or something I was looking more forward to. Sure, older gamers may not want to be part of it because Nintendo is always goes out of it's way to be unconventional. I always feel skeptical about what they do going back to N64, until I play the software they create for it. Then I fall in love.

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TheLyonKing2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I played the gamepad I reckon it will be fun to play for casual games but for more serious games I would recommend the pro controller.

Nevers0ft2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

@Snookies12 - When it comes to Nintendo hardware, perception and reality wont always agree... It might feel cheap to some of you, but it's Nintendo, that thing will be sturdy enough to hammer nails in :) Every gamer has a story about the N64 that got dropped out of a 1st story window and still worked, or a Gamecube that the TV fell on and still worked etc. And lets not forget how many TV's (and heads) fell victim to being koshed by a Wii remote.

Nintendo doesn't make flimsy hardware ;)