What if the PS Vita was $169?

Gimme Gimme Games discusses a what-if scenario where Sony drops the PS Vita's price to $169, just like Nintendo did with the 3DS? They say that would be just what the system needs to stop it from struggling.

Do you think a price cut of this magnitude would help the Vita get into more consumer's hands, or has the ship sailed on Sony's latest handheld in your mind?

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jamesensor2088d ago

That would be very nice to see.

mrbojingles2088d ago

I wish! Maybe I'll grab one on Black Friday for around this price. I really, really hope so.

jujubee882088d ago

The suits rarely give the people what they want (i.e. a lower priced VITA with decent memory card size).

DivineAssault 2088d ago

doubtful.. When sony dropped the price of psp it was only around $30 or so.. It can possibly be a black friday sale to get rid of certain inventory but wont be permanent like that for a very long time.. ppl must think this is like 3DS or something where its cheap.. This is a beast of a handheld & its cheaper than tablets & even newer ipods

cmpunk532088d ago

never gonna happen... 199$ maybe..

mrbojingles2088d ago

Well, it will happen someday. Just not anytime soon.

cmpunk532088d ago

sorry, yeah as the technology gets cheaper and so are the devices.

Malice-Flare2088d ago

nah, the sales would be slightly higher, but it's the games that would make the launch more successful...

and, Sony would be in the RED again for the quarters after launch, so no i want Sony around for longer and get more games than them getting bragging rights over Nintendo while bleeding financials...

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