Nfamous - Ragnarok Odyssey Review

Shadow "The Ragnarok Universe is expanding. First there was Ragnarok Online (RO), now we have Ragnarok Odyssey, and soon we will have Ragnarok Tactics. Three different games with three different play styles on three different consoles. I guess you can say Ragnarok is getting itself out there and meeting new people."

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DivineAssault 2119d ago

Hell effin yes.. Makes me wana go get it at the midnight release tonight..

Arcee2119d ago

I unfortunately have to wait until Halloween when my paycheck deposits before I can pick this one up. But it looks freaking good.

G20WLY2119d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one - a nice meaty game :)

HarryMasonHerpderp2119d ago

This game looks amazing, I'm still waiting for an EU release date though >_<
If worst comes to worst though I'll just import.

sypher2119d ago

Yeh i want to import too as we're not hearing anything about a European release. The only thing that's holding me back is that it comes with dlc codes.

HarryMasonHerpderp2118d ago

Yeah I'm the same.
Have to wait for Persona 4 golden till next year too. Sucks.

LiViNgLeGaCY2119d ago

Have the Mercenary Edition pre-ordered! Picking it up in about an hour. SO excited! :D

sypher2118d ago

Can you tell me if the game came with DLC codes?

sypher2118d ago

actually that's great! As my biggest problem with importing would be the dlc / online pass codes. So this means i can now import with out any worries! Thank you!

kB02119d ago

I can't wait for Ign's 6.0 for this game. :) LOL!

Great review I'm getting the Downloadable version of this game because I know I'm always going to play it:)

shammgod2119d ago

Same here, I hope it is up on PSN right when I get off of work

DanShadow272118d ago

HAH... 5.0 from IGN! Colin seems to be in the minority. He says it's button mashy.... sure it's button mashy if you mash on the buttons.

Still. I'm glad that more people are liking this game and I'm glad I can inspire us gamers to go out and support not only this game, but to use their Vita more. I love that thing!

kB02118d ago

It's a great game!

Graphics are really well done, and the art direction is where the series needs to be:)

Gameplay is also pretty fricking fun, the Vita really needed an RPG like this!