Review: Pid (Press2reset)

Though Pid may be a difficult platformer, Randy had a blast discovering that it was.

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thequadskater2092d ago

This game looks SO PRETTY.

MWH2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

ain't we just, going to get this game as soon as it's on live.

G20WLY2092d ago

It does look nice, might have to pick this up on PSN.

Sharodan2092d ago

I've been looking for a decent platformer lately! Might check it out.

acidbrn2092d ago

Damn! Why must my laptop suck so bad?

Cusmar3502092d ago

Might just check this out!

nhales802092d ago

It seems like there are a lot of innovative platformers now a days. Works for me!