Five Things You Should Know Going Into Ragnarok Odyssey

Before you play Ragnarok Odyssey, check out this helpful guide to the game compiled by our own Shadow. Hopefully this will help you out.

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Myst1850d ago

Nice tips.

"5. Sometimes you need to lose to win."

Learned that first hand from Monster Hunter to @[email protected]

shammgod1850d ago

one more thing you should know...I WILL be playing this tonight!

GuruStarr781850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Getting off work this morning (tues), going straight to the store to pick this up, along with ac liberation and nfs vita... leave me alone the rest of the day!

HarryMasonHerpderp1850d ago

Come to Europe please!
Don't make me import!

SandWitch1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

It's coming to Europe as digital-only title "this winter" according to official report.

HarryMasonHerpderp1850d ago

I really hope not, that would suck.
I need as much space on my memory card as possible.

TheLyonKing1850d ago

I really want the EURO port :(

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