First Person Shooters Need To Grow Up. But How? - OnlySP

"So what exactly do we mean when we say ‘Growing Up’? In the real world, this usually leads to an increase in testosterone and more exposure to sexual activity, which would mean that Duke Nukem: Forever would hold the title as the greatest video game of all time in that regards. Thankfully, we use the term to specify a title that can deal with real-life drama in an emotionally connecting and engaging way, whilst not disrespecting or patronising the player." - OnlySP

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ATi_Elite2117d ago

Good Article but.........

Metro 2033, Half Life, STALKER, Portal, Killzone just to name a few are some very grown up and great FPS Series!

I myself prefer the FPS/RPG like STALKER and hope to see more of this fanrtastic Genre but in a FPS/RPG/MMO format to take advantage of the Huge game worlds and massive amount of players to interact with and frag!

But hey I still enjoy the typical FPS like Hard Reset where I can just jump in have some fun then go do something else! There is a FPS for everyone!

LackTrue4K2117d ago

i like my Borderlands 2 to be funny and fun, and then i got my Battlefield 3 and Killzone 2/3 for a more mature gameplay

Ducky2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Although I agree that Warfighter fell flat for trying to have a story mixed with mindless violence, I also think that using a game like RDR feels out of place when trying to show that TPS are different. Marston is likeable, but he partakes in his fair share of mindless violence which is out of character... but that's alright and something wer accept because otherwise the game'd be pretty boring.
That, and I didn't know people were expecting Warfighter to move the genre forward. Especially considering what MoH2010 was. The focus of military shooters tends to be on multiplayer rather than single-player anyways. Only exception I can think of is SpecOpsTheLine, but that was a TPS.

As far as the respawning thing in Borderlands is concerned, I don't see why that makes any difference. SystemShock and Bioshock both use a similar system, and both games are certainly worthy of being considered 'grown up'.

As for character attachment, from my experience, FPS games tend to be better at making the player attached to supporting characters (including villains), while a TPS is better at forming attachments with the protagonist. That's characters like Alyx, Cortana, AndrewRyan, Glados/Wheatley, Price/Reznov, Shodan, etc. Why? Because when they do something positive or negative, they appear to be interacting directly with you, the player. They can make the game feel much more 'personal', and that's what they have to focus on.
Games like BioshockInfinite and FarCry3 seem to be carrying the tradition by featuring supporting characters that play a dominant role.

Only FPS games I can think of that make the player care about the main character would be games with horror elements like Stalker, Metro, Fear, Condemned, & Amnesia... where the protagonists safety is often viewed as your own safety. Even then, there isn't much care for the character itself.

CommonSense2117d ago

why do shooters need to grow up when most of the people on a battlefield are teenagers and young 20s?

shackdaddy2116d ago

There's plenty of good shooters out there. Lets see, Borderlands, Stalker, Metro, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Planetside (loving the hell out of this one atm), Far Cry, never played Killzone before but I'm assuming that's good, Halo, Red Orchestra, and a lot more that I can't name off the top of my head right now.

Medal of Honor definitely needs to change (hopefully go back to WWII). Battlefield is still fun, but DICE needs to go backwards a little bit and look at their previous games. CoD needs to shake things up a little bit too but I guess Blops2 is a start...

Detoxx2116d ago

I've got all my hope on BF4.

DICE fucked up Battlefield 3 so yeah