Ubisoft Clarifies Use of Erudito Credits in Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer

WorthPlaying writes, "On Saturday, we broke the news of Erudito Credit packs that were made available for sale in Assassin's Creed III.

Today, Ubisoft clarified exactly how those credit packs would be used in-game."

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Neo Nugget2087d ago

What exactly was unclear about their purpose? O_o

jmc88882087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Not good. It basically means people with money to burn, can buy top level weapons and other unlocks, and have a better chance (so realistically WILL) own everyone else in multiplayer.

Not good. I guess it's not the biggest deal in the world, but this really is pennywise, pound foolish.

You really won't gain that much, and this is the type of stuff that really rages people to the point they won't buy the game.

So far, there was really nothing major to keep people from buying it. A few bugs, which is to be expected, but little to keep people from buying it. This ends that.

Really the only thing before this was the four exclusive missions on the PS3. While I'm not sure what DRM it has, I thought I remember Ubi turning off their main DRM a bit ago...obviously only applicable to the PC version.

But this stuff can also help destroy the multiplayer portion of the game. If people go on and get owned the first few matches, a good portion won't continue to play it. Most people buy it for the single player, so it has a much wider base that isn't always into multiplayer and thus more fragile and susceptible to being turned off by the initial experience.

If anyone remembers the problems with previous version's multiplayer...especially on the PC version's where people couldn't connect (something I really hope is fixed as it affected me), then devs really shouldn't be engaging in things that tilt the scales and potentially ruin the online experience of many and shorten the lifespan of the multiplayer portion of the game for a few bucks more.

Nimblest-Assassin2087d ago

Exactly, microtransactions for abilities ruins balancing since all equal levels are put in the same lobbies

I would understand customization, but this is game breaking