Aliens: Colonial Marines revealed in March Game Informer

Gearbox Software knows a thing or two about soldiering - its Brothers in Arms games have even been used to recreate key World War II battles on the History Channel. With those kind of qualifications, it seems like they'd be the perfect developer to tackle a game about Marines. Make that United States Colonial Marines. You got it - Aliens: Colonial Marines is invading consoles and PCs in 2009. Game Informer have a world-exclusive first look at the squad-based FPS, which aims to recapture the tension and desperation of the earlier films. Check out the first-ever screens of the game in action.

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Storm233687d ago

in the fact that the new RED FACTION is going to be in this issue!!!!!!! And it is called Red Faction: Guerrilla. Wahoo!

rogimusprime3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

this franchise...but they just keep pooping on it. How could they let a french guy direct the 4th one...the 3rd one was rubbish too. Maybe there is just some hope left? I dunno...AVP2 on the PC was DECENT. AVP2 the movie was like watching dawson's creek mixed with splatterhouse.

OC Shock Value3687d ago

Red Faction will be outstanding.. simply outstanding

insanemcbain3687d ago

co-op in the avp games has always been so much fun. trying to defend a bunker from hordes of aliens with your mates is a blast.

MK_Red3687d ago

Awesome but more than this, I'm looking forward to the other Aliens game, the RPG developed by Obsidian.
Still, this issue of GI has some of the best exclusives from Aliens to Red Faction 3 :)

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