IGN-Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Review

IGN:If you fall under the latter, you can do much worse than Street Fighter X Tekken, even with the compromises the Vita version makes. But the former are a tougher lot to please. After all, we're the kind of folks who think an automatic transmission ruins a good sports car, or perhaps more accurately, the ones too busy scoring a boxing match in our heads to get excited about entrance themes and haymakers. For us, it's all about the sweet science, and in this regard SFxT is still sorely lacking.

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kB02030d ago

Don't trust me.

It's getting 80s+ from everyone else, these are the same ppl that gave pokemon Black/White 2 9.0+

stragomccloud2030d ago

Well, to be fair, Black/White 2 are stellar games.

Blastoise2030d ago


They're good games but they're not 9+ good. =/

And this is from a Pokemon fan whos playing through it right now

Optical_Matrix2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

But Black and White 2 are amazing games. I'd go so far as to say that they're the ultimate refinement of what Pokemon can be up to this point. It's got the content, the story, the characters, the features and the hidden competitive depth is the best it's been in the franchise, so stop crying. I doubt you've even played the game.

It's opinion kB0, seriously. You definitely don't play fighting games if you think it's ok to have a fighting game thats competitively unbalanced out of the box. It's not. That's how you destroy a games chance of having a decent community, and SF x T was so broken, and it's taking so long to fix it, that nobody cares about the game anymore.

The lack of a competent competitive scene is a huge turn off for me. I was going to get this for Vita so I could practise before I return to the console game in December. While the Ver.2013 patch update sounds great, I doubt this will make this game exciting again from a competitive stand point. It's a shame too because SF x T was one of my most anticipated titles of the year.

That said, I'll pick up SF x T for my Vita at some point. I still really want a fighting game for it.

kB02030d ago

I'm not denying that pokemon is a good game, but seriously how can one game milking out milk another? lol

I'm actually playing pokemon more than any other game, but I'm just saying it's not fair how other games are treated.

The 2 CONS get this game a 6.6? Graphical compromises (COMPROMISES not bad even...just compromises) and Poor Competitive Balance? Seriously? What about Cross play features? Cross controller features? The fact that it plays like the console?

Competitive balance can be fixed through's not a screw up in Code.

I dunno you guys make your own opinions:) I just think there are plenty of games out there that deserve this score more:P

vortis2030d ago

How about it's the only COMPLETE version of the game where no matter what happens to XBL/PSN you'll still get to play as all the DLC characters.

PSV version of SFxT is the only legit version of the game without all that on-disc DLC rape. That at least deserves a mention, too.

pompombrum2030d ago

Competitive balance is EVERYTHING in a fighting game and unless you're Marvel vs Capcom, can make or break the game. Yes it can potentially be fixed through patches but patches are very few and far between in Capcom fighting games, presumably because of the game being released in arcades too.

kB02030d ago

wow a 6.6? Really...

I'm honestly no longer surprised by IGN's Random numbers. This is why each time they get a chance they reduce the amount of scores they give and the amount of details they they can really pull a random number out of their ass.

If this got 6.6 and POkemon Black (which I do like a lot:)) got a 9.0+ then COD black ops will be gettin 9.0+ as well.

That being said, I am not a big VS fan, since I'm not good at the damn games but after the Silent Hill review (Which says it's fun and addictive as a conclusion yet it still got a 6.0) I'm no longer taking their scores too seriously.

I did buy SF X tekken, and although I'm not a fan of the game I did play the PS3 version at my friend's and didn't notice too much of a difference and I think its a good game...although I suck bad at it.

hkgamer2030d ago

I don't know, maybe IGN is starting to use a scale between 0-10 instead of the usual 5-10 scale.

Kingthrash3602030d ago

Yea for every other console or handheld, the vitas scale is more like 0-7.7

amaguli2030d ago

I don't really trust IGN's reviews when it comes to fighting games. Normally I just go to Gamespot or Shoryuken if I need any info on a fighting game I'm thinking of buying.

KingOptimus-X2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

IGN is on a mission to give every game around Halo and COD a low score to make sure Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 get some good scores for the holiday.

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