First look at the Official ‘Black Ops 2’ Playstation 3 Bluetooth Controller

The first images have been revealed by online retailers, Amazon U.K. and BigBen Interactive, have revealed the first images for the Official “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” Bluetooth Controller.

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a_bro2120d ago

seems like a quality controller, especially since it bluetooth, no dongle required.

GraveLord2120d ago

Like all ps3 controllers should be.

JoGam2120d ago

Im cool. I'll stick with the Dual Shock 3. Every time I try a third party controller it becomes a waste of money.

guitarded772120d ago

But it's ugly as all hell.

SJPFTW2120d ago

LOL something must be wrong if we get to look at the Black Ops 2 ps3 controller before any actual BOII PS3 gameplay

Agheil2120d ago

@SJPFTW I'm pretty sure the pictures are arranged by latest pics first.......Either you're just trolling or you're unable to comprehend something this simple.

Starbucks_Fan2120d ago

I'm not sure if I like all of that white and that Blops 2 guy covering up so much of the middle area. If it had just the logo I would like that.

2120d ago
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