Ostrich Island Being Considered for Wii U

Cubed3 shares details on Ostrich Island and what the developer shared about possibly bringing to Wii U.

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omarzy1938d ago

I have seen everything now.

MNGamer-N1938d ago

And the shovelware begins? I hope not.

Instigator1938d ago

It may look like your typical cash grab, but it's actually an indie game which aren't big offenders when it comes to shovelware.

deafdani1937d ago

Shovelware or not, that gameplay video was painful to watch.

Instigator1937d ago

It didn't look too appealing, but it says it's a beta version so I'll give the developer the benefit of the doubt and hope the finished product turns out better.

Nevers0ft1938d ago

I think when this comes out I'll just bury my head in the sand ;)

lilbroRx1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Not costing 30 million to make does not equal shovelware. Not having gore and guns does not equal shovelware.

The game actually doens't look that bad. It looks kind of fun. I doubt I will get it but I won't call it a bad game just because it isn't boasting huge technical stats or mature content.

Instigator1938d ago

From the description it certainly sounds like it could be fun, and at €5 I might give it a go if the feedback is somewhat positive.