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You can play Tetris on this pumpkin

Using some carefully placed holes and LED lights, Nathan Pryor turned a pumpkin into a Tetris player. (Culture, Retro, Tetris)

JeffGrubb  +   618d ago
What. The. Hell?

I was just going to poke some holes into mine and call it a face! I suck so bad!
guitarded77  +   618d ago
That is the coolest thing I've ever seen on the internet... and that's including porn.
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darkronin229  +   618d ago
Nathan Pryor, a winner is you!
Sketchy_Galore  +   618d ago
This showed up on the latest commented list as 'You can play Tetris on this....' and as I clicked I wondered what the next word could be. Calculator? Watch? Tabletop? I have to admit Pumpkin wasn't anywhere on my list.
robparko  +   618d ago
Anyone else want one of these badly?
Sarobi  +   618d ago
Welp... time to hide my lame excuse of 'artistic pumpkin carving' from the world~
seisoois   618d ago | Spam
tarbis  +   618d ago
Pumpkin Creativity over 9000!!!

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