10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles Of All Time

Chances are that you’ve owned a home video game console. Be it a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or even Atari. Ever wondered which one sold the most? What the best selling game was for any of them? Read on to find out what the best selling gaming consoles of all time are!

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TheLyonKing2150d ago

NO virtual boy? am sure that was successful /s

PS2 certainly was an amazing console and it shows by the sales, in the far off distance in a parralel universe if sony does go under they can look back and be mighty proud of their gaming division.

So can microsoft considering they more than doubled their sales from one generation to the other.

bubblebeam2150d ago

I wonder if any console will outsell The PS2. I can't see it happening.

In my family, we have 9 PS2's between us, slim and original. 8 of them are still working. Great console.

I wonder what console out of PS3 and Xbox 360 will be the first to pass 100 million (if at all). Mind you Xbox did have a year start, but I'd love to see either of them make that mark, as a big sale will come on lol.

GamerElite2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

In my family, we have 24 PS2's between us, slim and original. 14 of them are still working. Great console.

I have a large family with cousins, uncles, dogs, cats.

bubblebeam2149d ago

All I can say is your dogs and cats are living the high life ;)

Hazmat132150d ago

PS2 sells for only $100 and im glad i could get one brand new PS2 and i was still very excited to plug it in, and play all the games of childhood. good times, good times.

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