IGN's Dragon Quest Swords Review and Video Review

Closing comments from the review by IGN's Bozon:

"Dragon Quest Swords isn't your average RPG experience, and as such certain gamers might be thrown off by what Square Enix has done with Wii's first outing. If you're looking for a hardcore, 50+ hour experience, this isn't it. What DQ Swords brings to the table, however, is an extremely accessible role playing experience that works to capture new gamers in the world of Dragon Quest. The combat is fast and action-packed, the actual RPG elements are much lighter than anything we've seen from Square in years (maybe ever), and the storyline is simple and accessible for any age. Even the level-building and party management is totally streamlined, as all AI is handled on the fly. There's a definite wish list of changes we would have liked to see though, as the Wii-mote only controls aren't extremely comfortable, and the adventure is over before you know it. As a product that ends up being 'Dragon Quest Lite' though, Swords is still pretty entertaining while it lasts."

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Darkiewonder3753d ago

Oh well. Nintendo's other system will be getting something much better <3

But as far as console goes. Keep coming with the Spinoffs!

PS360WII3752d ago

Yeah spin offs. Although the Wii is getting a Crystal Chronicals from Square Enix that should be good, but you are right I can't wait for DQIX on DS!

Prismo_Fillusion3752d ago

Seems like it's worth a weekend rental.
Not a buy for 8 hours worth of gameplay though.

RealityCheck3752d ago

When compared to a previous excellent title like Dragon Quest VIII, this one sounds like a disappointing watered down game. I was hoping given their talent that they could have done as much as Zelda on the Wii.

PS360WII3752d ago

Well you are compairing a game part of the seires to a spin off. I mean Rocket Slime for the DS could very well be easier but it was still fun to play. The numbered ones of course will get the real loving.

RealityCheck3752d ago

2.1 You got my hopes up by pointing that this was not DQ IX, so I went and looked up DQ IX only to find out it will be a DS title. Ouch, I guess I will have to wait, maybe DQ X will get back on track. I'm not saying DQ IX can't be good for handheld players, just that it can't be what I was hoping for.

PS360WII3752d ago

Oh you didn't know about IX? Yeah it can be upsetting to be thinking console and then find out it's on a handheld. I can get that, but you have to admit it'll probably sell like mad on DS. I'm looking forward to it for I'm a big handheld player but we'll see if they do with X but that won't be for another 5 years or so. Square Enix doesn't mind spin off of it but the main series they are more careful with DQ then with FF

PS360WII3752d ago

Well Dragon Quest Swords for some Square Enix action but Baroque for some real depth RPG action. Both releasing rather close to each other so win win

desolationstorm3752d ago

I was interested in the game had been since it was announced a while back. I really wish that poeple making their spin offs onto the wii would try hard to still retain the great gameplay.

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