Japan Studio's Puppeteer isn't just for kids - Joystiq

Don't let the whimsical art style fool you. Puppeteer from Sony's Japan Studio isn't a game designed solely for children. The 2D game balances platforming with other unique problem solving challenges, both of which are just as addicting for adults.

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BitbyDeath2118d ago

Anyone know if this is a full game or a PSN title?

guitarded772118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Full retail game. Amazon has it listed, but then again, they had DUST 514 listed as a retail game until details came out. Puppeteer does look really unique. I'll definitely play it, but may not spend day 1 money unless I see something really special from it.

BitbyDeath2118d ago

Thanks to you both, have a helpful bubble :-)

badz1492118d ago

and MM's Tearaway! can't wait to play them as they look unique and fun to play!

XXXL2118d ago

This game looks great

Acquiescence2118d ago

to be the best platformer of 2013. Terry Gilliam meets LittleBigPlanet... looks sublime.

BananaEatingSquid2118d ago

This looks really unique and interesting.

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