Official Okami Wii Boxart

Capcom has revealed the official box art for Wii. What do you guys think? Cooler then the PS2 box art?

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Fade_Walker3569d ago

I still like the PS2 cover but, but the Wii one isn't bad

Marceles3569d ago

Uh...doesnt look that much different, but I like the white and blue look. Looks like I'll have a game that might distract me from Smash Bros Brawl for a little bit

Fade_Walker3569d ago

Now that I look at it more your right.

Actually I found my self playing Okami about an hour ago, trying out the new Dual Shock 3.

I will still can't wait to get my hands on the Wii version.

Durffen3569d ago

I like the Dreamcast box in the background. Support Dreamcast!

Marceles3569d ago

hehe yeah, i bought a brand new one from Amazon a couple of months ago with Shenmue. Now I'm on the hunt for all the dreamcast classics. Underrated was too bad the PS2 overshadowed it, but I had alot of good memories with my old one

Kulupoo3569d ago

ya... it didnt look that much diffrent (Roar?)
anyway.. I'm gonna purchase this game for the wii when it came out I guess...

Durffen3569d ago

The Dreamcast had great games. In fact, some of the games that released for both Dreamcast and PS2 got a better rating on Dreamcast. It was a great system, with great games.

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Darkiewonder3569d ago

But whatever long as you guys buy the freakin' game!

LightningPS33569d ago

I was under the impression that this was Okami 2. But it's just a Wii version of the original.

Anyway, Okami 2 better be on PS3.

Durffen3569d ago

It's possible, if the Wii versions sales "destroy expectations."

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