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wishingW3L1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

we got an updates just a few days ago and now a new one? If they only didn't take so long to download and then install....

Welshy1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

It's optional, you don't HAVE to do it.

Man alive these updates are blown out of proportion, if they didn't release updates they would be ribbed, people will complain about everything these days -_-

Not to mention, if you are one of several million PS+ subscribers, you're unlikely to even notice there was an update at all.

MikeMyers1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I am a PS+ member but I still have to update it myself, even though it's set to automatic. The reason being is you have to agree to the terms each time there is one, which is ludicrous considering the whole point to having PS+ is to be online. Not a big deal seeing as how they don't take too long.

darthv721969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

i think what many get in a stink over is that for the simplicity of these updates (meaning them being so incremental 4.31 as opposed to 4.40 or 5.0) that the process they go through to get them installed.

i mean first you have to agree to the terms, then watch it download. then you have to watch it install. it is basically the same process as it is dl and installing a game or demo.

If sony could adopt the stream loading for its updates would be much better. By that the download is actually installing at the same time so there is no separate process to watch and wait.

Now I dont know why sony even bothers with these small ones. i thought they said some time ago it would be the semi incremental (4.10, 4.20, 4.30) instead of these 4.21, 4.31...

Or better yet, make only the primary updates: 4.0, 5.0, 6.0. At least with those there are bound to be significant changes that would warrant an update.

also, i dont think people blow these updates out of proportion because it seems to take the same amount of time to do a major or semi as it does an incremental. Speeds can vary and as such, so can the perception of how long it takes.

BitbyDeath1969d ago

@MikeMyers, isn't it already installed though and all you have to do is accept the ToS when logging in?

That's how it works for me anyhow.

MikeMyers1969d ago

BitbyDeath, not for me. It notifies me and I have to download it even though it gives me other updates it has done in the background. I like the automatic feature but it won't do it for system updates, at least not for me.

BitbyDeath1969d ago

Strange, i'll have to test it with this one. :-/

fermcr1969d ago

ACTUALLY... you do HAVE to update if you want to go online or play the latest games.... So PS3 updates are mandatory. If you don't update, then you can't play latest games. Sony should really give a rest with all these crap updates. They are quite bothersome.

yess1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Ah! The complain game...I'm in.

When i go to work, i first have to wait for the bus, then wait for other passengers to get on or of while it transport me from A to B, it take me freaking 45 Min. to go to work.

This world is so lame and slow ;)

But luck is it only take me 5 to 10 Min. to update my PS3, and i don't even have to look at it doing so, i can do other stuff while waiting...

CraigandDayDay1969d ago

The updates don't take THAT long unless you have a piss poor Internet connection. I'd rather Sony roll out these updates as they feel necessary than to leave things unfixed. More updates = more fixes.

badz1491969d ago

but I almost always download the updates to my USB drive at work via PC and then just install it when I got home. saves a lot of time as I'm only at 2Mbps connection at home.

jerethdagryphon1969d ago

the thing about version numbers is
main digit integer 1-9 and so on mean a major overhaul .

.1-.9 indicates a significant patch this is usually new content or removal of features
a .01-.09 indicates a minute bug fix or change sometimes a spelling error is enough to trigger this level of modification

xAlmostPro1969d ago

You still need to manually install updates with PS+.

It just tells you it has downloaded one when you turn the system on.

Blankman851969d ago

Several million ps members huh? Well since you felt the need to mention that, would you mind providing a link?

BitbyDeath1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )


I just tested it overnight and it worked for me, not sure what is wrong with yours.

See screenshot

Temporary1968d ago

Im one of the several million PS+ subscribers, and I still had to download the latest update but only because my autoupdates are set for 6am-8am everyday...i think the software update didnt hit the east coast til after that so i had to download it regardless.

it only took about 15 mins tho...wasnt at all bothered.

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nyobzoo1969d ago

most likely to fix the Monster Hunter 3rd HD problem as the install is not mandatory

kneon1969d ago

They typically take me 5-8 minutes to download and install, if that's too long then perhaps you have ADD.

sinncross1969d ago

why do people always complain about download times on PSN?

just get better internet seriously... these updates always fly for me and many other people.

clevernickname1969d ago

I have 3 PS3s on a 100 Mbit connection. One is wired and the other two wireless. Updates are abysmally slow, especially on the PS3s connecting wirelessly. 15 to 20 minutes on each machine.

kneon1969d ago

I just did the update and it took under 4 minutes start to finish, and my connection is only 75Mbps.

If it's taking too long and your connection is fast then you've likely got issues on your local network or your ISP is throttling certain traffic.

I run a gigabit local lan using cat 6 cable, all properly installed and tested and I never have download issues. WiFi is a different story, the PS3 only supports up to 802.11g so that will slow things down. Plus WiFi seldom runs at the maximum possible speeds due to all the competing traffic and propagation issues.

Pushagree1969d ago

I only wish these updates did something useful.

kaozgamer1969d ago

it takes less than 10 minutes to download and install the update...

xtremeimport1969d ago

also, it doesnt take "so long" to download. mine are usually done in like 5 minutes, maybe a bit more.
yes it may be longer than the 360 at times, but jesus, the world isnt gonna end if you have to wait 5 minutes before you can play cod.

FACTUAL evidence1969d ago

"Hi everyone,

I’m posting this message to inform you that there will be a minor firmware update (v.4.31) released on the evening of Monday, October 29th. "

Updates been minor since in game xmb. Here's hoping for what I want on the ps4.

typikal821969d ago

Can they let us stream firstrowsports again?

1969d ago
andibandit1969d ago Show
dantesparda1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

i can tell you's that it didnt fix a sorting bug on the trophies that fw 4.30 brought in. i sort my trophies to "earned date" (with the down arrow/descending), so that whatever trophies i got last shows up at the top. But now whenever im in a game and press the "PS" button to go into the XMB to check the trophies (with it on "offline mode"), the trophies lose their sorting and revert back to their original order. So, i have to reselect "earned date" to make them sort the way i like. And if i exit out the XMB and then go back in, it loses the setting again.

Anon19741968d ago

I see some chatter on the forums with users complaining the new update no longer allows them to play backups on jailbroken PS3's via multiman. All this is news to me. I didn't realize you could play backups on the PS3.

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showtimefolks1969d ago

i see a lot of people asking for a way to delete trophy list that is like 1% or even 2-3%. You know somtimes you buy games and don't like it but get few trophies

it doesn't bother me since i could careless because when someone sees my profile they don't see a list they see how many i got and the percentage

DRA60N1NJA-6661969d ago

hopefully this update is to get rid of the Singstar icon from the xmb, or at least move it off the game column... there's been quite an uproar about it on the net, so hopefully Sony is listening to it's customers for once...!

GreenRanger1969d ago

Will this let me kill SingStar?

ZoyosJD1969d ago

I don't know how, but it's not on my PS3s XMB...didn't even know it existed. Is this a regional thing?

The Great Melon1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I think the SingStar issue only pertains to European gamers. I don't think I have actually ever seen a physical copy of SingStar over here in the US.

Pillsbury11969d ago

Use you're dragon zord!!!

insomnium21969d ago

I just DL'd the Singstar software and now it let's me play Singstar without inserting the disc. It's sweet as hell. It should be optional I'll give you that but to me and wifey it's great. We love Singstar. We have songs from like 144 different artists.

b_one1969d ago

it wont already have it and SingShit is there

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Eamon1969d ago

This is most likely a response to the CFW being released on the web lately.

Just yesterday some hacker released a CFW 4.30 that apparently can play ripped games. Also, those using it can use PSN. I doubt this will be an effective countermeasure against piracy but it's probably to secure PSN.

GraveLord1969d ago

This update is OPTIONAL. So now, it has nothing to do with the hackers.

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