Gamer Wife Sees The Light

Being a gamer for over 25 years, you never know just how your hobby will affect your loved ones. My wife tells her story of how she has come to accept and appreciate her gamer husband.

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BiggCMan1540d ago

Ha, I LOVE this!! Very good piece, we don't see that too often around here anymore do we?

kahjah1539d ago

I try to write stories that discuss gaming from a different stance, thank you for the kind words and please spread the word.

Parappa1540d ago

Must've been the kitchen light.

vikingland11540d ago

Good article my wife has been a gamer right beside me for 29 years.

kahjah1540d ago

Was she a gamer before you two met?

vikingland11540d ago

Not really but she did have an ATARI.

kahjah1540d ago

Thanks so much Bigg, my wife at first didn't understand what how gaming played a part in my life until we sat down and played together. It's been interesting to see her take on it from it numerous sides and shows our growth together.

She has learned a lot from watching me play, now if I can just get her hooked...