Eastern US & Canada get 15% off at UbiWorkshop until Friday!

Hurricane Sandy is lame! Since so many of you on the Eastern sides of the US and Canada won't be able to get your copies of AC3 because of the storm, we're giving a 15% discount on any order from UbiWorkshop made before Friday, November 2.

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GTRrocker6662155d ago

Uh I think there are more important things happening there right now.

Farsendor12155d ago

yep don't see why anyone would worry about gaming in those conditions

wallis2155d ago

Yeah, hasn't it knocked out the power in a lot of the affected areas as well? So how the hell do they expect people to play/pay for games?

The next offer from ubisoft I imagine will be PS3's for blind kids, guitar hero for the cold stone deaf and audiosurf for the epileptics.

FanboyPunisher2155d ago

lmao that website has terrible overpriced crap!

Just using N4G for free advertisement.

Neonridr2155d ago

True enough, the power is out for how many millions of Americans in that part of the country - so you can't even place an online order or play video games anyways.

GreenRanger2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

What are the officials doing with all the homeless people?

Sucitta2155d ago ShowReplies(1)
GreenRanger2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

*Eastern US and Canada's internet access goes down.
*Ubisoft offers online discounts to Eastern US and Canada.

dazzrazz2155d ago

Hey ! We sorry for Sandy, heres 15% off good luck finding electricity... sad Ubisoft to 8 millions of possible customers