007 Legends – Review | COIN-OP TV

Overall, 007 Legends accomplishes what so few games have done in the past: capture what it feels like to be James Bond. While I’ll admit this may not capture the imagination of hardcore shooter or stealth game fans, this game will definitely appeal to devotees of a certain British super spy.

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vortis1944d ago

It's impossible for me to go back to playing Bond in first-person.

After Blood Stone and Everything or Nothing, all the rest just feel, well...meh.

mafiahajeri1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I miss playing these type of medicore bond games they remind me of last gen.

MasterD9191943d ago

I long for a realistic and legit Goldeneye remake...hell, I'd even take a direct port of the game.

They did it with Perfect Dark...

DarkBlood1943d ago

there already is but i think you know where im going with this

MasterD9191943d ago

I played the Goldeneye remake but it felt more like an off-branched COD game. I didn't get that nostalgia feeling from it and as far as I know, it didn't do nearly as well as the Wii version did that released before.

DarkBlood1943d ago

i thought you were talking about the n64 enhanced port that already is made lol