Steam's Halloween Sale gives big discounts on dozens of games; most are 50% to 75% off

GameDynamo - "Currently, Steam users can head over to the store and get over 60 games at greatly reduced prices. In fact, many of the games on sale are 50% to 75% off until Thursday, November 1."

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FanMan2156d ago

Same games they discount every time.

Farsendor12156d ago

a couple of new ones,orcs must die 2,prototype 2,all zombies must die,trains vs zombies.

i haven't seen dead rising 2 at 75% off in a long time.

im buying dead rising 2,orcs must dies 2,alice madness returns

Ducky2156d ago

Don't forget condemned.

That game wasn't even available on steam... or at least, I never found it prior to the current sale.

FanMan2156d ago

ya, they do have some new ones, but steam sales dont impress me as much as they first did when i got my pc. after a while you will notice a lot of games that repeat every sale, with few new and good games added. dont get me wrong, i still appreciate them. it just lost its "wow" factor to me that it used to have.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32156d ago

You can get The Darkness 2 from Gamestop for $10.19. You'll save a couple of dollars compared to this sale.

--Onilink--2156d ago

well to be honest, this is more of a made up sale. The real one is coming soon. And i think all steam users know its gonna be a crazy one as usual

chcolatesnw2156d ago

are you referring to the xmas sale? cos this one is pretty crazy too, just not as many games since its limited to "halloween vibe" type. But i just got Bioshock 1 since I only played it on 360 when it came out. Its a fantastic title, for halloween even more so.

DarkBlood2156d ago

wasnt the new Amnesia game suppose to be out already? that has yet to even come

Farsendor12156d ago

the next amnesia game got delayed

darx2156d ago

Overlord, expansion and sequel for 4.99. Can't beat it! Console gaming is dying a slow death with me.

DeadlyFire2156d ago

I love STEAM I goto the store looking at PC game section and see that I already have almost everything.